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The Lost Mine of the Verdugo Mountains

Saturday, October 22nd at 10:00am
Meet at the entrance to Hostetter Road, where the 210 crosses La Tuna Canyon Road

Starting in 1889, a vein of graphite was found in the Verdugo Mountains and an extensive mining operation was established. The operation featured a long rail system, including a funicular, to bring the ore down to a massive concrete loading dock, where the ore was loaded on wagons. It apparently went out of business sometime in the '20s. The mine itself has still not been located, but there are a few remnants of the operation to be seen within sight of the 210 Freeway near La Tuna Canyon.

Come and explore what little can still be found with local historian Mike Lawler and mining historian Eric Cole. They will have historical photos and maps on hand detailing the mine. There will be approximately a half mile hike uphill in full sun, so bring water, a hat and sturdy shoes.

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