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Stone Barn Vineyard Conservancy

In 1885, two immigrant French winemakers, Georges Le Mesnager and Pierre Durancette purchased land in Dunsmore Canyon from Dr. Benjamin B. Briggs, the founder of La Crescenta. They had a winery in downtown Los Angeles, planted vines on their new acreage shipping the grapes to Los Angeles for processing. In 1905, Georges' son, Louis, began building the unique two story stone barn with winery storage on the ground floor. It was finished after several different "campaigns" in 1915. Prohibition brought an end to the wine business but the Le Mesnagers continued to sell table grapes and make a non-alcoholic brandy drink.

After Prohibition ended, a disastrous fire in 1933 burned the property, leaving only the stonework. The Le Mesnager family rebuilt the barn adding living quarters on the second floor and moved into the property. The 700+ acre property was acquired by the City of Glendale in 1986 and is now Deukmejian Wilderness Park located at 3429 Markridge Road, Glendale, CA. The vineyard has 81 grapevines which have been planted since 2004 and are maintained by the Stone Barn Vineyard Conservancy which is a part of the Historical Society of the Crescenta Valley.

Benefits of joining the Stone Barn Vineyard Conservancy:

Membership donations help fund the vineyard:

Please make checks payable to: The Historical Society of the Crescenta Valley

You can sign up for membership at a Stone Barn event

Email stonebarnvineyard@gmail.com

or call Stuart Byles: 818-249-2414

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