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Water and Cemetary Tour

Saturday October 16th, 8am
CVWD Glenwood Plant, Glenwood and Sycamore

Water has always been the central theme of our history here in the Crescenta Valley. But more than that, it is the foundation of both our present and our future. We are fortunate to still have local supplies of water, and a water company that is an active part of our community. The Historical Society has been invited to tour the facilities of the Crescenta Valley Water District, and see first hand the 100 year old original "water mine", the huge modern electric pumps that pull water from deep in the ground, and the damage to the water facilities from the Station Fire and the resultant floods.

We'll meet 8AM at the Glenwood Plant, where we will hear about the past, present and future of water locally. From there we will carpool to four different locations in La Crescenta, and return to the Glenwood Plant at about 11:30.

Meet at the CVWD Glenwood Plant, at the intersection of Glenwood and Sycamore, one block below Honolulu Ave.

There will be a small amount of walking. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes, a hat and sunscreen.

An early water pump in La Crescenta that drew water from deep wells for sale by private water companies to early CV residents.

After the Water Tour... Visit Theodore Pickens grave!

Our resident biographer, Jo Anne Sadler has invited anyone who is interested to take a leasurely stroll through Mountain View Cemetery in Altadena to discover some of the graves of Crescenta/Canada pioneers. Joanne can provide some fascinating commentary on these historic figures, and I'm sure you'll come away with a deeper understanding of CV's history.

Meet at Mountain View Cemetery, 2400 N. Fair Oaks, Altadena, CA, above Lincoln around noon, right after the water tour.

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