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A Day at Haramokngna: "Hands On" Indian Crafts and Foods

Sunday, October 5th, 12:15 PM

We'll spend an afternoon at the Haramokngna American Indian Cultural Center, learning how our local Indians played, worked and ate. A special bus provided by Supervisor Antonovich will pick us up at 12:15 at Crescenta Valley Park for the ride up Angeles Crest Highway to Haramokngna. After a tour of their museum and grounds, we'll split into smaller groups to rotate through a series of hands-on workshops to experience directly the daily lives of the Crescenta Valley's first residents. As we rotate through the stations we'll learn how to make dolls and toys from reeds, learn some Indian dice games, and learn how to prepare native foods and taste some samples. The workshops will concentrate on the Tongva people, and will give you a good overview of the culture. After the workshop, the bus will return us to CV Park at about 6PM.

The cost for this is $10 per person, which goes as a donation to Haramokngna.

Please RSVP

Acorn meat: Che-me ch kwahr
Acorn leach: Wah ch
Acorn mush: Weewish
Acorn cap: Ah-koo-ro
Oak: Tome-char
Valley live oak: Wet
Stone mortar, portable: To-kwe-is
Pestle of stone: Ah-pah-ho
Pine nut: To-vaht
Pine sap: Ah-sah-nah
Elderberry tree: Hoo-kaht
Elderberry flower: Hook-tah-swim
Basket: Pah-tsah-ahch
Sunflower: Pahch-har
Chia: Pah-se-e
Manzanita: Soo-boo-chech
Sage: O-ar
Gourd: Wahng-ar
Wild Rose: O-choor
Tar / Asphalt: Sah-naht
Digging stick: Ah-nahch
Abalone shell: E-che-ech

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