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Rockhaven Sanitarium
The Legacy of Agnes Richards

Monday, November 19th 7:00pm

La Crescenta Center for Spiritual Living
At the intersection of Dunsmore and Santa Carlotta

For decades, the mild climate of the Crescenta Valley served as a haven for those seeking mental health rest and relief from lung ailments. In 1923, registered nurse Agnes Richards decided it was the perfect place to open a sanitarium, one that would set itself apart from the rest. Rockhaven Sanitarium catered to female residents only and, with few exceptions, exclusively employed women. It was a progressive treatment center that prided itself on treating residents with dignity and respect. The center's high ideals and proximity to early Hollywood attracted residents like Billie Burke; Marilyn Monroe's mother, Gladys; and Clark Gable's first wife, Josephine Dillon.

Elisa Jordan is a freelance writer and editor who specializes in history, architecture and pets. When not writing, she is working to promote tourism in Southern California and giving tours in Los Angeles. She is the founder of L.A. Woman Tours and considered an authority on several aspects of Los Angeles history, including Marilyn Monroe, the Doors and the Hollywood music scene. Elisa is a native Californian whose family dates back to about 1915 in the state.

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