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California's Mission Indian Revolts

Monday, November 16th, 7PM

Professor James Adams of the University of Southern California has studied the history and healing of California Indians for many years. He will discuss several questions about Indians and the Mission system. How were people recruited to and retained in the Missions? What was it like to live in the Missions? Did the Indians rebel against the Mission system? Did Indians escape from the Mission system? What happened when the Missions were secularized in the 1830s? Professor Adams will discuss his recent book "Estanislao - Warrior, Man of God" and relate the history of Estanislao, a forgotten hero.

Professor Adams got his PhD in Pharmacology in 1981 from UC San Francisco. He has been on the faculty at USC for 22 years. Cecilia Garcia, a Chumash healer, has been his teacher for 10 years. Together they have written a book and several articles on healing.

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