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Hidden Montrose: A Look Behind the Stucco

Sunday, November 9th, 10 AM - 12 PM

Montrose as built in the '20s had some of the most beautiful brick and tile buildings in LA, highlighted with architectural features such as neon spires, elaborate overhangs, and "character" blade signs. Unfortunately the '71 earthquake changed all that. Overhangs and blade signs were removed and almost all the brick buildings were encased in stucco, or hidden under modern facades. But all that gorgeous architecture is still there, just waiting to be revealed! Modern seismic retrofitting techniques have made it possible to bring back those architectural elements that add to the heartwarming "main street" ambiance that Montrose is known for.

Jay Platt, Historic Preservation Planner for the City of Glendale, and Laura Friedman, Glendale Design Review Board Chair, will guide us through the Montrose Shopping Park, pointing out the successes, problems, and possibilities of restoring some of our Montrose heritage. Both Jay and Laura are active with the Los Angeles Conservancy and have extensive backgrounds in, and passion for, historical preservation and restoration.

Along the way we'll find some hidden treasures... unknown remnants of Montrose's past that very few residents know about. This will be a fascinating tour, and a chance to find out about the history that is hidden all around us!

Meet at the flagpole at the intersection of Honolulu and Ocean View. This will be a walking tour.

The modern facade of Color Me Mine, on the corner of Ocean View and Honolulu, completely covers the beautiful architecture seen in the old photo below. It's all still there... just covered by painted plywood. The peak of the old roofline peaks out just above the flat facade as indicated by the arrow.

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