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Glendale and Montrose Railway

Monday May 16th, 7pm

This electric trolley line operated from 1913 until 1930, carrying passengers and freight from Los Angeles and Glendale to the Crescenta Valley. The "G&M" literally built this community, as it brought new residents and building materials to Montrose and La Crescenta during the boom years of the 1920's. Many remnants of the line exist today - the carbarn is now Anawalt Lumber, the powerhouse is a small office in Montrose, and the median on Verdugo is the old track bed.

Our speaker, Mike Morgan, is a native Glendalian and a commissioner with the Glendale Historic Preservation Commission.

This Glendale and Montrose passenger car was called the "Dinky" by locals. It had a single set of wheels mounted under the center of car, which caused it to rock dramatically like a small boat in the ocean.

The G&M electric freight locomotive, shown here on the curve of Montrose Ave., is still operating today at the Orange Empire Railway Museum in Perris, California.

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