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A Flood Survivor's Story

Saturday May 14th, 2pm
La Crescenta Library

In 1933, Marcia Warfield was a typical 11 year old girl. On New Years Eve, in the midst of the Great Flood, she became a hero. Hear for the first time her amazing story!

On New Year's Eve of 1933 floods destroyed the Crescenta Valley. Marcia Warfield and her family were swept from their home in the first wave of destruction. They were rescued, and taken to the American Legion Hall, where they were swept away a second time. Marcia Warfield single-handedly saved her father and brother from the flood.

After Marcia and her family were released from the hospital, they never again returned to CV. In fact Marcia was so traumatized by the event that she never told her story to anyone again – until now! 78 years after that terrible night, Marcia Warfield Flannery is ready to tell her story.

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