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In honor of Memorial Day: A Tour of the American Legion Hall

Friday, May 30th, 7 PM
4011 La Crescenta Ave.

American Legion Post 288 was formed in 1924 by WWI veterans living in the Crescenta Valley. The American Legion Hall was built in 1925, and has served the community ever since. Join us for a tour of this CV icon. While there, we'll hear a brief history of the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars, and get a look at some of the memoribelia they've collected over the years. We're also delighted to have our resident New Years Flood expert, Art Cobery, on hand to tell us about this famous structure. The Legion Hall was originally located over on Rosemont. When a flashflood hit at midnight on New Years of 1934, the Hall was directly in its path, and 12 people died inside its walls. The Legion Hall we know today is the same building, as the damaged structure was simply patched up and moved to its current location.

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