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Zwick Plaza in Montrose Shopping Park to Receive Memorial Plaque

Monday, May 26th, 8:15AM
Vietnam Memorial, corner of Ocean View and Honolulu

In the '20s, the Zwick Family lived on Honolulu, just to the west of the business district of Montrose. They had two sons, Charles and Leland. When WWII came, the two boys joined the Army Air Corps, and became flight instructors in the same unit. Sadly, in 1943, both sons died in training accidents within a month of each other at Lomita Air Strip, near Palos Verdes. Heartbroken, Mr. and Mrs. Zwick lived on in their home on Honolulu, until the old house was torn down in the early '70s. The builder, John Bluff had been close to Mrs. Zwick in her final years, and so named the office/retail building Zwick Plaza in honor of the Zwick Family. In a final tribute, Mr. Bluff, found the handprints the Zwick boys had left in cement when they were very young, and lovingly placed them in front of the fountain in the courtyard of the new building. The HSCV will dedicate a plaque to the Zwick Brothers, so that future generations will remember them. The dedication will take place right after the Montrose Memorial Day ceremony, which starts at 8:15 AM on Monday, May 26th at the Vietnam Memorial at Ocean View and Honolulu. Immediately following the ceremony, the attendees will be invited to walk the half-block to the Zwick Plaza for a very brief dedication, and unveiling of the plaque.

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