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Neon Lights

In Los Angeles - Then and Now

Monday March 17th, 7pm
at the Center for Spiritual Living

The birthplace of American neon, Los Angeles, still has an incredible collection of historic signs. They beckon with light and color, but remain overlooked and oft misunderstood by the drivers speeding past the visual cacophony.

Guest speaker Eric Lynxwiler, co-author of the history books Wilshire Boulevard and Knott's Preserved, joins us again to explain and illuminate the joy of neon signs. If you think you know how to "read" a neon sign, there's more to it. 

As the famed tour guide for the Museum of Neon Art's long-running Neon Cruise of Los Angeles, there's no one more appropriate to share his collection of sign photos while illuminating their meaning and importance in the cityscape.

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