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Supervisor Michael Antonovich, Part of Our Local History

Monday, March 15th, 7PM

Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich has been the Los Angeles County Supervisor for the 5th District for nearly 30 years now, and has had an unmatched career of public service. He is powerful and influential, representing over 2 million residents covering an area of 2000 square miles.

Supervisor Antonovich will give us an overview of his own life, from his beginnings as a history and government teacher back in the '60s, to his election to the State Assembly in the '70s, and into the present as County Supervisor. Mike Antonovich's life has been one of constant and dedicated public service, and he will talk about that lifelong commitment and its origins that began with his 5th grade teacher.

The Supervisor has been a particular friend to our area, where he and his staff are familiar faces in the community. The Supervisor is a big fan of our local history, and is in fact an honorary member of the Historical Society. But more important, he has MADE local history, and has been a key player in developing our area into the gem it has is today.

Come and hear the dynamic history of a modern historical figure, in his own words and in person.

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