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Postcards of Glendale

March 17th, 7 PM

Juliet Arroyo and Katherine Yamada will discuss their new book featuring postcards of Glendale, written with George Ellison. These vintage postcards spanning generations showed them a vision of Glendale at its most attractive.

Glendale is one of the oldest towns in Southern California, getting its start during the rail boom of the 1880s. In 1904, it was one of the earliest communities to be served by the vast electric streetcar system consolidated throughout the Los Angeles region by tycoon Henry Huntington. In the postwar era, Glendale became a model of suburban growth and today is the third largest city in Los Angeles County. Glendale's diverse neighborhoods and commercial districts have offered pleasant living and a gamut of goods and services to residents, workers, and visitors alike.

Author bios:
Juliet M. Arroyo, who collected these postcards from sources including the Glendale Public Library and Glendale Historical Society, is a consulting planner in historic preservation and the author of Early Glendale and Glendale: 1940-2000.

Katherine Peters Yamada writes the "Verdugo Views' column for the Glendale News-Press and edited Glendale, A Pictorial History.

George Ellison graduated from Glendale Community College and has served the Glendale Public Library for 20 years, the latter decade as special collections archivist.

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