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The Amazing, Amusing, Artistic
Walls of Dunsmore Park

Saturday, June 21st 6:00pm
Dunsmore Park
4700 Dunsmore Ave.
Meet in front of the Community Building

If you've ever been to Dunsmore Park, you probably wondered who created the whimsical art displayed in the miles of retaining walls there. Dunsmore Park was once a tuberculosis sanitarium, "Dunsmore Sanitarium", and its owner built the walls over a 10-year period in the '40s and '50s. He collected colorful rocks and minerals from all over the US, and tons of scrap metal which he fashioned into folk art to rival the Watts Towers. Come and take a tour of the park with the Historical Society. We'll tell you some of its history, and show you some amazing art that you didn't know was there!

Regular meetings are held the third Monday of each month at 7:00 PM at the the Center for Spiritual Living, formerly known as the La Crescenta Church of Religious Science located at the intersection of Dunsmore and Santa Carlotta.

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