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The Red Car Comes To Glendale

Monday, July 17th 7:00pm
La Crescenta Center for Spiritual Living
At the intersection of Dunsmore and Santa Carlotta

In 1900, the town of Glendale was little more than a small farm village of a few hundred people largely cut off from much of the rest of the county. Five years later, Glendale had incorporated and was beginning a period of growth that would lead some to call it "the fastest growing city in America." What caused this enormous transformation? The answer is the coming of the Red Car, the Pacific Electric Railroad that would connect Glendale to Los Angeles and the rest of the southland. In this brief recap of the history of the Red Car in Glendale, Bruce Merritt will discuss the rise and eventual fall of the electric railway system that was so important to the growth of Glendale, and all of Los Angeles County, in the early decades of the 20th Century.

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