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La Crescenta Library Plaque Dedication

Friday, January 29, 5-7pm
La Crescenta Library

We're inviting you and the community to celebrate the dedication of the La Crescenta Library History Plaque! We all worked hard for this beautiful tribute to our heritage, and we've worked out a special tribute ceremony to mark the occasion of its dedication.

We have some special guests that should make this tribute particularly memorable. On the plaque we have chosen three individuals to represent the three ages on human habitation in the Crescenta Valley: The Tongva shaman Toypurina for the thousands of years of Indian occupancy, Don Jose Verdugo for the Spanish era, and Dr. Benjamin Briggs to represent the American period.

We will have the direct descendants of those three historical figures at the ceremony greet you and to say a few words. The Tongva Dancers will be there, and the Chief of the Tongva Tribe will perform a sage blessing. There will be food on hand, and plenty of friends and community members to chat with. It’s sure to be an event you won’t want to miss!

After the dedication we invite you to continue the celebration starting at 7:30 over at La Crescenta Presbyterian Church, 2902 Montrose Ave. for the Baroque Bash, an evening of professionally performed classical music, brought to you by the Crescenta Valley Arts Council.

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