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Imbibing LA

Boozing It Up in the City of Angels

Monday, February 20th 7:00pm
La Crescenta Center for Spiritual Living
At the intersection of Dunsmore and Santa Carlotta

From the wine-loving Spaniards who first settled Los Angeles to the cocktail quaffers of the jet age, Los Angeles tastes have shifted when it comes to enjoying alcoholic beverages. The city has been a center of winemaking and brewing, a region where cocktails were celebrated by movie stars and hunted down by prohibitionists, and a place where finely balanced drinks and abysmal concoctions were crafted by bartenders and celebrities. This talk explores that lively history from the first settlement to the end of Prohibition.

Richard Foss is a journalist, author, culinary historian, and lecturer who has written for newspapers and magazines around California for almost thirty years. He's written two books, "Rum: A Global History" and the recently released "Food In The Air and Space: The Surprising History of Food and Drink in the Skies."

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