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The Cobb Estate

Monday, August 21st 7:00pm
La Crescenta Center for Spiritual Living
At the intersection of Dunsmore and Santa Carlotta

The Cobb Estate property in Altadena is a popular trailhead for Rubio Canyon, Mt. Lowe and the Sam Merrill Trail. But the property itself has a dynamic history. It has been:
  • The site of an unsuccessful gold mine
  • The grand estate and mansion of a Northwest timber baron;
  • A Masonic retirement home;
  • The retreat house for an order of Roman Catholic nuns;
  • An investment for Hollywood comics the Marx Brothers, who tried to have it zoned and developed as a cemetery;
  • The prize in a hard-fought bidding war between real-estate developers and student environmentalists.
  • And the supposed site of nocturnal ghost appearances and UFO sightings.
Altadena Historical Society member Pam Wright will tell us its fascinating history.

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