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A Summer Evening in the Vineyard

Sunday, August 29th, Deukmejian Park

Join with the Stone Barn Vineyard Conservancy as they celebrate the "fruits" of their labors amongst the grapevines in Deukmejian Wilderness Park. Led by Stuart Byles, Vice President of the HSCV, the Stone Barn Conservancy has used the vineyard owned by the City of Glendale to provide our community with a sample of what life was like on the old Le Mesnager Ranch, one of many wine producing vineyards in the turn of the century Crescenta Valley. Come and view the vineyard up close, hear and see how the grapes are harvested and crushed, and learn a little about the ancient art of wine-making. Depending on the ripeness of the grapes, we may even have a harvest and crush that very evening, which you’ll be able to participate in. After the sun sets, enjoy an outdoor movie-in-the-park provided by Glendale Parks and Recreation - "A Good Year" (2006), the romantic story of a jaded banker, played by Russell Crowe, who inherits, and then embraces, his family's vineyard in France.

The evening starts at 5PM on Sunday August 29th at Deukmejian Wilderness Park, 3429 Markridge Road. Bring a picnic dinner, and enjoy a leisurely summer evening at one of the Foothills most beautiful parks.

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