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My Cross-Country Journey to La Crescenta: Part 2

Monday, August 18th, 7 PM

In June of this year, CV's favorite storyteller Charles Bausback told the story of his family's cross-country trip to La Crescenta, but he left off with a cliff-hanger, telling us that what they found when they got here would be the subject of his next talk. We've invited him back to tell us tales of life in La Crescenta and Los Angeles in the '20s and '30s. We'll hear tales of moonshine and crime, floods and fires, radio shows and early air pioneers. An evening with the stories of Charles Bausback in the closest we can come to time travel into the past of the Crescenta Valley.

Charles Bausback has lived in La Crescenta since 1928, and with his "iron-trap" memory, he can recount events 75 years ago as though they happened yesterday. He's a master storyteller, often peppering his tales of the past with poems and songs of bygone eras. His photographic memory for LA history has earned him a second career as the principal researcher for Huell Howser, and his popular TV show "California's Gold".

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