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History of the La Crescenta Church of Religious Science

Plus...a look at the early Health-Seeking Settlers

Monday, November 17th, 7PM

The story of the La Crescenta Church of Religious Science is so similar to the stories of many of our local churches that it can be seen as archetypical of organized religious groups in CV. It's story began in the post-WWII building boom, with a husband and wife Clifford and Sally Chaffee meeting with like minded friends in a private home. As their numbers grew, they rented the La Crescenta Woman's Club for services. (It would be interesting to take a count of how many of our local churches had their beginnings in the meeting hall of the Woman's Club. They are still hosting new churches!) By 1949, they were ready to break ground on their own church building, which we now know as Chaffee Hall.

The current leader of this church, Rev. Beverly Craig, and several practitioners, will lead us through the history of this church (including the reasons behind their recent name change to the Center For Spiritual Living), and will put a human face on the building we hold our meetings in. It is not just the story of this church, but is the story of many other churches here in our community.


Also on this program, Sofia Portantino will give a brief overview of her research into the health-seekers that were the first major group of American settlers to our area. She did this project as a Girl Scout to complete her Gold Award. In the 1880's thousands of people suffering from lung diseases or poor health in general flocked to Crescenta-Canada Valley for the pure air that might restore their health. Sofia, with the help of the Lanterman House in La Canada, created displays on this aspect of our local history. Ms. Portantino is a high school student living in La Canada.

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