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Old Town Montrose Tour

Sunday, November 23rd, 9 AM

Note: Date has been changed!
The tour scheduled for Sunday Oct 26th at 9AM has been rescheduled due to a massive film shoot taking place in Montrose on that day. The Historical Society of the Crescenta Valley and Mayor John Drayman apoligize, and the new date for the Tour will be Nov. 23rd at 9AM.

Meet in front of Java Brew, 2418 Honolulu Ave, and they are opening-up specially, just for us, on a Sunday! Come a little early and buy a cup of coffee or tea, have a snack or light breakfast, and then enjoy a walking tour of old Montrose from the unique perspective of our own John Drayman. This is a humorous and fascinating look at the changing face of Montrose businesses from its origins in the teens as a dusty main street to its evolution into the charming tree lined shopping park we have today. John tells stories of the many quirky characters that have had businesses over the decades, and the origins of much of what we take for granted as "just Montrose". Where did the name Honolulu come from? What is the origin of City Hall Coffee Shop's name? Which is the oldest business in Montrose? These are facts that might surprise you.

This is a walking tour, but at a leisurely pace.

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