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Deukmejian Park History Hike

Deukmejian Park is full of history - both human and natural, and many pieces of that history are scattered along its trails. Let's take a walk with local historian Mike Lawler, and hear some of the stories behind all those rusty pieces of metal and odd rock formations you've been tripping over on your hikes over the years. On this tour you'll learn about earthquake faults and devastating floods – bandits, vineyards, water works, horses, even the story behind the park's name!

We'll be walking approximately 1 mile on very rocky and uneven trials. Wear a hat, sturdy shoes and bring water.

April 1st - 9:30 and 12 - meet in front of the stone barn

This is a limited attendance tour - only 20 people per time slot! You must RSVP.

To RSVP - Call 818-441-4223, or email Lawlerdad@yahoo.com

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