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Arlington Garden

Saturday, April 9th at 10:00am
275 Arlington Dr., Pasadena
(Corner of Arlington & South Pasadena Ave.)
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In 1902, a millionaire built the biggest mansion on "Millionaire's Row" in Pasadena - 3 stories, 50 rooms, 17,000 square feet, with the yard planted in lush exotic gardens. It was all torn down in 1960. In 2005 community volunteers, along with the City of Pasadena, recreated portions of the garden on the still vacant lot, incorporating pieces of the original mansion dug up on the site.

One hour guided walking tour - no restrooms - bring hats and water.

$10 donation asked to benefit the garden.

RSVP by email to: FriendsofRockhaven@gmail.com

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